PROJECT 02 : W.T.F Campaign 

W.T.F (We're The Future) 

is an acronym short for We're The Future as an American citizen and future voter it is my responsibility impart to assist with the selection of our country's next leader. So I'm asking all my peers ages 10- 24 to join our cause and create a political voice for the youth. Email us for more information on how to join our campaign and youth government.

Remember we are the future and we rock the vote!!!   



















About Us: The We’re The Future campaign is a civic engagement and leadership development program for ages 10 – 24 across the state.

Mission: In the spirit of service before self the mission of the W.T.F. Campaign is to help create the next generation of informed, active citizens. We do this through a series of programs, conferences and experiential education opportunities, such as:  Personal growth and life-long responsible citizenship. An understanding of local, state, national and international concerns. Research, study and debate on public issues under the rules of parliamentary procedure. Exploration of careers in public service. An understanding of political systems and the forum provided for the free exchange of ideas and the value of an open mind. Appreciation for the diversity of viewpoints and respect for the ideas, beliefs and positions of others.

Vision: The vision of the W.T.F Program is to support youth with political and government interest , while becoming the premier service Campaign for every community providing support and knowledge for our youth, their families, and communities by shaping a positive future in an atmosphere of fellowship, peace and security for our next generation.


  • Commitment to the 4 founding principles: Justice, Freedom, Democracy, Loyalty

  • Personal integrity and family values

  • Respect for the uniqueness of individual members

  • Truthful open communication in dealing with the public and our members

  • Adherence to the adopted policies and rules


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Here's an overview of what you'll get:

  • Our How-To Guide that helps you plan your voter registration drive from start to finish!

  • We're The Future logos (and a banner design!) that you can incorporate into your signage, print onto stickers, use on your event materials, and more.

  • We're The Future's Social Media Guide, which provides our content and terminology guidelines, our requirements for nonpartisan social media posts, and helpful tips to promote your event.

We're The Future offers voter registration toolkits for each state + DC, except for New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

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We create change for the next generation.

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