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I’m Brilann Coleman better known as Celebrity-Star Breez'e Founder & Director of the Breez'e Save Our Youth  Foundation. I’m here to tell you a bit about who we are as an organization and what we do. Initially, I considered taking a more round about approach to explain. However, I figured people more generally understand facts and stats. And so, I’ll begin.


Frayser and surrounding areas...

  • Fact: 34.4% of Urban Inner city families are living in Poverty

  • Fact: Youth in our communities are dying at such an alarming rate that if it were an act of nature it would be considered a state of Emergency

  • Fact: In just this community alone we have one of the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the country. We are among the top in the country as it pertains to infant mortality.

  • Fact:  Juveniles in our community have collectively been sentenced to more than 6 decades in jail or juvenile detention. That’s more than 60 yrs. 

  • Fact:  Its time we address the underlining issues and those surrounding these statistics to save our youth.

The BSOY Foundation was started in May of 2015. Our Initial mission & intent was to reduce end of the school year bullying, fights, and violence for children on their way home. To do this we hosted a community concert and block party to offer them a fun and safe environment to celebrate summer break. Hence the title Summer Jump-Off. This year our mission requires a bit more of us. As we want to empower our children offering resources, services, & mentoring to nurture those with entrepreneurial & political spirits. One way we plan to do this is via our wrap-a-round approach and helping those who wish to become licensed and established business owners in their communities the opportunity to do so with our T.Y.E Program (Today's Young Entrepreneurs) Program. We are offering the tools, comprehensive training as well as financing to help launch their business concepts or ideas while coaching them in areas of business conduct, business etiquette, customer service and more. Upon completion of our leadership and ambassadors program (3VLeader Charlie Caswell), business start up camp, and Parent & Child Business training (AVGP Media Academy) your child is eligible for a $500 micro loan to launch their company. Also the W.T.FCampaign (We're The Future) Campaign is to empower our youth with political and governmental knowledge to be informed citizens by teaching then how politics work and what the value of our voice is went we come together as a whole and vote.


Is to empower the next generation to (B-SO-You) meaning be emphatically and unapologetically whomever they want to be in every aspect of life. Our goal is to inspire them to break the stereotypical barriers, take control of their own futures and seize the opportunities that come to them  We achieve this by offering resources, services, & mentoring to nurture our youth into becoming whomever they wish to be.


Is to support youth with entrepreneurial spirits, while becoming the premier service program & campaign for every community providing support & knowledge for our youth, their families, & communities by shaping a positive future in an atmosphere of fellowship, peace & security for our next generation.


We create change for the next generation.

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